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Aries Ascendant Natives


Aries ascendant natives are inherently agile, courageous, intelligent, impatient, leaders, fighters, industrious and enterprising. They have abundant amount of energy and untiring. These qualities show their true impact depending upon the strength of Mars in the nativity. Aries is the Mool trikona sign of Mars and therefore Mars represents the native fully. Apart from Rahu and Ketu, the only functional malefic is Mercury.

Budha aditiya Yoga i.e. combination of the sun and Mercury signifying extra-ordinary intelligence, do not show positive results for the native, An Aries native with a deep combust Mercury means that the Sun forms close conjunction with the functional malefic, Mercury, and gets afflicted. Such natives have weak digestion, are not sharp and are impulsive. Since Aries born are men of deeds they believe less in astrology. The inherent qualities of the Aries sign make the native affluent, authoritative and leader in the armed forces. The influence of Saturn turns them towards engineering and entrepreneurship.

They earn lot of wealth by persistent efforts.Aries ascendant natives excel in the fields governed by the planet or midpoint of a house forming close conjunction or aspect with a strong Mars in the nativity. The transit unfavourable influences are less. The persistent unfavourable influences with long repercussions are only due to the impact of transit Rahu-Ketu forming close conjunction/aspect with weak natal points. Transit unfavourable influences generated by Mercury are short lived as Mercury is a fast moving planet and its conjunction separates in a day or two.

The Moon rules the fourth house for Aries ascendant and hence a strong and well placed Moon bestows comforts of affluent parents, education, property and vehicles. The association of Mars and the Moon creates auspicious results and blesses the native with status in the govt.The association of the Sun with Mars fructifies the impact of intelligence and helps the person in realizing his high ambitions Venus has its mooltrikona sign in the seventh house and is a functional benefic.

Strong Venus blesses the native with good and beautiful wife and blesses him with taste for pleasures, music and action. They love adventures. Jupiter has its mooltrikona sign in the ninth house which makes these persons practicing the principles of religion i.e. blesses the natives with divine qualities of kindness, generosity, honesty and protector whenever Jupiter forms close conjunction with Mars, ascendant and other natal points. Finally, Saturn the lord of the tenth house, has its mooltrikona sign in the house of income and fulfillment of desires. This keeps the Aries natives always on the move as influence of Saturn without the positive influence of Jupiter keeps the person always on the move to earn more and more and does not allow the native to become content.

Persons born with Aries rising with the Sun in Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces suffer from disorders of stomach and unhappiness from progeny in case Jupiter, too, is weak. There are tragedies with regard to these significations if the weak Sun, Mars and or Jupiter form close conjunction with the Rahu-Ketu axis.Unfavourable colourGreen, steel grey, smoke grey and dull navy blue.Unfavourable stonesEmerald , gomedh (hessonite) and cat's eye (lasonia)Persons having Aries as ascendants and with strong Mars become administrators, sportsmen, civil engineers, advocates, surgeons, officers with police and armed forces and involve themselves in adventurous and enterprising pursuits. They are born to command more by force than by persuasion as Mercury the planet of communication is a functional malefic for them.


Sunil Sobtii

Sunil Sobtii is a renowned astrologer with indepth knowledge about indian astrology and providing Astro remedies since last 16 years.

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