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Indications of Weak Saturn in the Horoscope


Indications of weak Saturn in the Horoscope

These are lack of calm, agitation, tremors, inability to handle stress and strain. Native will be easily intimidated by strong people or by harsh circumstances and be weak or vulnerable. Native may suffer from government or organized institutions and have difficulty in making money. There will be lack of consistence and poor endurance. Native will be lazy, lethargic and idle, resulting in disappointment, disharmony, dispute, dejection and despondency. Native has emaciated and long physique with tawny eyes and big teeth. Physically there will be weakness of bones and nerves. There will be constipation, slow healing and poor resistance to infectious diseases. Diseases like fevers and pains, pain caused by cold, leprosy, jaundice, dumbness, deafness, paralysis, smallpox, epilepsy, cancer and gout are caused.

Astrological factors

 Saturn is weak when-

i.        In its debility (Aries)

ii.       When afflicted by malefic by conjunctions or aspect.

iii.      Combust, retrograde or lost in planetary war.

iv.      When in 2, 5, 7 or 8th house.

It signifies longevity, chronic disease, sorrow & misfortune and it rules over nerves, joints, bladder, excretory system, teeth, wrist and feet in the body. Functionally he represents West direction and is benefic for Taurus, Libra & Capricorn Lagna and partially benefic for Gemini, Scorpio and Aquarius. It is totally wrong that Saturn always gives miseries and sorrows. He rewards and punishes natives for their past deeds. He is a planet of detachment and separation and is a dispenser of justice. He delays but never denies.

Saturn when in own Nakshtra causes diseases of joints, mucus and nerves; when in Nakshtras of Sun causes disease of eye, blood, spleen and bones, infective fevers and TB. In Moon's Nakshtra melancholia, depression & menstrual trouble and fear of future results; in Nakshtra of Mars eruptive fevers, boils & tumors of various organs, blood diseases and abdominal colic results. In the Nakshtras of Mercury, rheumatism, nervous temperament, poor memory and lack of confidence are caused. In the Nakshtras of Jupiter laziness, high BP, diseases of liver and sleeping sickness are produced. Diseases of bladder, eye or sex or carbuncle are caused in the Nakshtra of Venus. In Nakshtras of Rahu produces flatulence, windy troubles in intestine, appendicitis and pituitary abnormalities. In the Nakshtras of Ketu it cause native to suffer from epidemics and dehydration.

Psychological Indicator

Saturn represents the power of our own actions. If we do some thing regularly, it sets a certain force in motion. This power goes with us from life to life. The issue of Saturn is to create an ongoing consciousness towards improving our condition and expanding the powers of truth and peace in life. It is to have the patience and attention to bring things to conclusion and perfection.

Deity- The presiding deity for Saturn is Brahma or Kaal (Yama) & Kali. However, Hanuman is also worshipped.

Beej Mantra :

"Om praam preem proom sah shanichraye namaha "

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