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Why are til and jau (sesame and barley) used for havan fire?


In this age of so-called pragmatic rationalism, consigning ghee, sesame, barley etc. to the flames of a ‘havan’ is generally considere nothing else than mindless wastage of money. But this attitude of realists is as wrong as that of a person ignorant of the ABC of farming but scoffing at a farmer’s act sowing seeds in his farming field, thinking that the peasant is wasting the grain by throwing it in the mud. This realist may scoff at the farmer’s act of sowing the seed, but the farmer knows it fully well that earth would return this each grain, multiplied hundredfold.

The same logic applies to yagan. The way a grain, sown into the soil, multiplies by hundred and thousand times, the offerings made to pious yagan fine is accrued back to the devotee after growing millions and billion times.



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