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Vaastu For Plots - Test to be done before buying and land or plot



Several things need careful consideration while going in for construction of a building. The most important of all these is selecting the right plot or site. Land and its surroundings bring peace and harmony or pains and sorrows in life. Plots which are fertile with plants and greenery are considered very good.

The scrutiny of the size of a plot, its shape, soil, slope, direction and topography is very crucial according to Vaastu to ensure success and prosperity of the owner.


Before we select a plot for construction we should see Vaastu of the plot since Kshetra (land) is equally important as beeja (seed) for good crop. We should examine the levels, angles, its size,shape etc.and if it does not satisfy the Vaastu principles it should be corrected by alterations and additions.

Relax and walk on the land. Close your eyes and do some deep breathing. Gradually begin to feel the rays and vibrations which that land would be emitting. If you feel good and happy it means the land has positive energy. Call it the first test. It is now necessary to further check the energy of the land. Vaastu prescribes several traditional methods which are in practice even now and yield correct results.

Method 1 : The Water Test

Dig a pit of size 45 cm wide x 45 cm long x 45 cm deep (18"xl8"xl8") and fill it with water. Wait for 3 minutes and observe the water. If the ground soaks the water and leaves it 15 cm or less, then the land is of low grade and should not be considered. If the remaining water is upto 30 cm deep, then it is of a medium grade. One may consider buying it if no other choice is available. If the water is marginally absorbed by the soil then il is of a high grade and should be considered for purchase.

A clockwise movement of water in the pit indicates a positive movement of energy in the land. If the water is not much absorbed by the soil and also moves clockwise, such a plot should be purchased even at a higher cost. If the water moves anticlockwise, the land has negative movement of energy and the inhabitants will suffer losses, failures, accidents, or even premature death. Such a plot should be avoided.

Method 2 : Seed Germination Test

Basil seeds are spread on the ground, watered and allowed to germinate. Basil is an auspicious plant and can grow only on land with positive energy. If these seeds germinate, then the land has positive energy, if they do not germinate, then the land should be avoided.

Method 3 : The Smell-Taste-Colour Test

Remove the top soil and pick some soil from below. If it smells like decomposed organic matter it means that the land has bad energy. A good plot always emits a soft sweet smell.

When you assess the soil, do not just make a surface check, but also dig about 4m (12 ft) down. If the soil is black up to lm (3 ft) down and white or red below that, the land can be purchased. According to Vaastu Shastra, black and clayey soil is not good for building. If the soil is crumbly rock, money can easily be gotten. Yellow soil is good for businessmen.

Another test of land quality is to dig a knee-deep hole (2/3m or 2'x2'x2') and then refill it. If after filling the hole you have some soil left over, the land is good. If there is no soil left after filling the hole, the land is average. If the returned soil does not even fill the hole, this is not a good sign. Such land should not be purchased. This shows the soil's natural moisture and aeration.

Again dig the same sized hole. This time, fill it with water. If it takes more than an hour for the water to be absorbed, this is a good sign. If there are many cracks in the hole after the water has been absorbed, the construction may cost more than you expect. This is a percolation test done even in the U.S. to test for clay deposits. The cracks indicate clay soil, which is not best for water drainage and can cause foundation problems, etc. Also, wastes are not carried away properly, which can bring disease.

CHECKING UP MATERIALS that come up while doing excavation for construction.

S. No.             Material                       Result

1.                 Stone                           Increase of Wealth

2.                 Bricks                          All types of wealth and prosperity in future

3.                 Copper or Metal            Prosperous life   

4.                 Coal                            Sickness and loss of wealth

5.                 Bones of animals          Obstacles to progress

6.                 Snake or Scorpion        Fear of these animals and obstruction to building's progress

7.                 Anthill, Termites           Destruction of wealth, reduction in longivity of life

8.                Straw, eggs                  Death, Unnecessary expenses

9.                Cotton                         Sorrow

10.              Pieces of wood            Has to abondon the house and run away

11.              Skull                           Unwanted quarrels, litigation

12.              Horns of cow               wealth and prosperity

13.              Gold, Silver, Coins       All type of comforts

14.              Zinc, Brass pieces      Fortune and comforts

15.             Rags (torn clothes)      Quarrels and fights

16.             Iron or steel pieces       Death

If the soil is found defective as above it must be purified or cleansed before starting any construction in the plot. Shastras have laid many ways for getting rid of SHALYA DOSH.



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