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Tip and surrounding check for buying plots or Land



According to Vaastu Shastra, a plot or site of land should not be purchased :

  1. From those who became insolvent
  2. From person suffering from leprosy
  3. From lunatics
  4. From people who have left the country, etc.

Similarly, land donated to temple, alloted to watchman of village or colony, land in possession of charitable trusts, land without any title deed should not be purchased. Land containing boulders, ant hills, worm hills, bones and skeleton etc, should not be acquired.

Do not purchase land that has been used as a crematorium, cemetery, or a samadhi (tomb for a holy person). The land should not be purchased if in the recent past someone has committed suicide on it, or if there have been several deaths over the period of a couple of months.


  • It is usually best not to purchase land next to a bridge. If the bridge is on the north or east sides, it definitely should not be purchased. If it is on the south or west sides, that is a safer purchase.
  • It is also usually best not to purchase land that shares a well with another property. The land can be purchased, however, if the water supply is a common well on the north, east, or northeast side.
  • A plot of land situated on a hill is also not a good purchase in most cases. It is better to purchase level ground. If the land to be purchased is on the side of a hill, however, and the land slopes down toward the north or east, that is all right. If the land slopes to the west, do not purchase it.
  • It is best to buy land where happy and successful people have lived. A house sold by a person in distress or who is impoverished, should be purchased only with caution. A dilapidated or haunted house should not be purchased at all.
  • The land should be away from a graveyard, mausoleum, cremation ground, or any site of last human rites.
  • A small plot which has two large plots on either side, seems compressed between them should be avoided. Such a plot will attract miseries and misfortunes.
  • The plot should not be near a garbage dump or a waste disposal site.
  • A plot which is next to a hospital, or faces a hospital is influenced by the diseased energy of the hospital.
  • Plots which are fertile with plants and greeneries are very good.
  • A river or big canal nearby and if it is in North side and water flows from West to East, it is good.
  • Similarly if it is on East side of the plot with water flowing from South to North, that is also good.
  • But plots with rivers or canal flowing on West or South side of the plot should be avoided.
  • Hills, hillocks, mounds of Earth, big boulders etc on the Southern, South West and Western sides of the plot is good : in other sides, it will mar the progress.
  • Location of temples near the plot also affect the inmates Temple on the right side of a plot cause material loss, on thf left, grief and sorrow, in front, obstruction to progress and ir the 100 feet apart, those disastrous result are avoided.
  • Similarly plot very near to Cinema-theatres, schools and colleagues are to be avoided.

The surroundings of our neighbouring houses on all sides also affect us.

  • Rain water falling from the roofs of neighbours should not flow into our plot particularly from North or East direaction.
  • In the North East side of the plot high-rise or tall buildings should not be there because such high rise buildings give rise to mental unrest. But if they are in South, South West or Western sides that will be auspicious to the buyer of the new plot or house.
  • In between two neighbouring big plots, a smaller plot should not be purchased. Similarly between two tall buildings, a small house should not be bought. This will make the buyer poorer day by day.



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