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Effect of Retrograde planet Mecury in the Horoscope


Effect of Retrograde Mercury in Horoscope

When in birth chart Mercury is found retrograde, the native thinks in terms of symbols and insight, rather than facts and figures. The mind works more easily on the sub concious level, hence their insight into motivations are often uncanny and revealing. Such people are amazingly profound, creative, discovering possibilities which are more direct, obvious, practival mind overlooks. Such people talk to themselves and hum little tunes.

As Mercury is connected with Education, literature, Intelligence and Astrology. So the person if a writer will prerer stories of atmosphere to action, Character to conflict. If astrologer, they are often more accurate in natal analysis than in predictive work, unless an event or action is seen as an consequence of some inner motivation, rather than outward circumstances. They do not always seem to hear other people. They justify their actions with reasons they grasp after the matter is concluded. It is always worthwile listening to people with Mercury retrograde. What they say may not apply to matter at hand but is ultimately correct.



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