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Retrograde Mars in the Horoscope, Charactristics and its Effect


When Mars is retrograde in one's birth chart, the physical energy and vitality never rise to meet the challenge. It implies a stubborn, unyielding physical force which does not move until some mystical reasons is found for its expression. It is often key to importance and frigdity, in men and women whose physical forces are not unlocked until implementd bysome nonrelated idea or ideal. Such persons often stop in the middle of a project to recapitulato,They often make good scientists and doctors. They also succeed in other occupations which require handling of physical material in an objective, non involved way. They are very good at planning and organising the physical labour of other thoughts or develop quite differently.

Also such people are law unto themselves. They normally do not accept the traditional way but adopt unorthodex methods their approach to life is different than usual established social norms. Mars retrograde when adversly configurated in Natal
Chart indicates persons must go under extensive and successive surgery.

Women with such retrograde Mars are signs of marital troubles, causes the women to become frigid or to go to the other extremes and no middle course. Such women detest any intimate relations with their husbands but are easy with younger fellows they contact, they usualy get themselves into troubles.

Transiting Retrograde Mars follows the general principle that the powers of a retrograde planet progressively increases as its speed slows down reaching at peak during stationery period. So during its retrogation one should not buy arms or automobiles, buy new property or move into new house, to undergo surgery, to start a law suit, to join a new job, to have sex for the first time, to employ new servant or to enter into partnership.

Such people frequently rebel against their own desires, try to stiffle them preferring to act, when they have to, against tremendous odds, subconciously seeking an excuse for the failure they anticipate.

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