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Mantras to get Good Eductation and Concentration


Mantras To Get Good Education

4th, 5th and 9th houses denote education. If these houses and their Lords are afflicted educaiton suffers. By candid use of following mantra concentration & memory and over all education imrpoves.

a) Tripura Sundri's Srividya Mantra.

"Shrim, hrim, Klim, Aing, Sauh om Hrim Shrim Kalahrim Hskhalah rim,
Shiakrim sauh Aing klim Hrim Shrim."

b)    "Om, Hrim, Hasoo, Saraswatiye Namah"

c)    "Om Aing Hoong Aing Hoong vad vad swaha"

d)    "Om Hring Aing Hring om Saraswatiya Namah"

e)    Mantra from chapter 5 of Durga saptshati be used as a samput or independently

       " it yukta sa Tada Devi Gambhi rantah smita Jago.
        Durga Bhagwati bhadra Yayed Dharyeta Jagat."

f)    "Om Sachchida keem Brahma Hring sachchidekaneck Bhram"




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