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Mantra for Marriage , Remedial Mantras for getting Married


Mantras For Marriage:

When 7th house its Lord and karak for wife (venus) for husband (Mars) is afflicted, marriage is delayed.

a)  For getting husband for a girl
i)    Hey Gauri Shankarardhangini , yatha tatvam shanker priya
    Tatha maam kuru kalyani, kantkantam sudurlabyam

The girl should do japa of Gouri and then recite five rosary of this mantra for 21 days.

ii)    Om Tiyambakam yajamahe sugandhim pativednam
    Urvarukmev bandhandito mukshariya mamutat

i.e. The ladies who wish to have husbands who possese all the good qualities and are handsome, worship Lord Shiva (who has three eyes is of pleasing fragrence, knows virtues of righteousness and frees a person from bondgae of life and death and prays the Lord that apart from getting freedom from control of their parents, brothers and gotra, bless them to live comfortably with their respective virtuous partners after marriage.

iii) Om Hring kumaraye namaha swaha

b) To get a desired Life Partner (Husband or wife)

i) Yathedeam Bhomya Adhitramnam vato Yatha yati.
Eva mathnami te movo yatha mam Kaminyaso Yatha Mannapaga Asah.





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