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Astro Tips for Progeny - Part 2


Some Astrological Remedies (Totke) for begetting Children - PART 2

d)    Take tender leaves of Palasa plant and Dhaak plant with milk for seven days during and after menses.

The lady should not sleep during day and take light dinner. She will conceive definitely.

e)    Take Sehdevi (Conyza Cinare) plant on Sunday in Pushya Nakshatra.

Dry it in shade and grind it to powder. The lady should take this powder, with single coloured cow's milk.

She will conceive.

f)    The plant Naagkesari (Messurea Ferrrura) should be powdered.

If taken with ghee of recently delivered cow for seven days after menses, the lady will conceive.





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