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Rohini Nakshatra Mantra and Remedies



Brahmaji is the Lord of Rohini nakshatra. Persons born in this Nakshatra are very much serious about their working. They have a passion to become master of all trades but they have to face problems in their act. Age, between 18 to 36, is not considered good for them. They are loyal to their mother and maternal uncle but have difference of opinion with their father.

Their married life is not considered happy. They may develop problems like blood cancer, jaundice, urinary track infection diabetes, asthma, problems related to throat. In order to decrease the malefic effect, the native should worship Brahmins with white sandalwood, fragrance, lotus flowers, incense, lamp of ghee (butter clarified by boiling and straining) and sweets. Honey, ghee and milk pudding should be offered. "Apamarga" Mool should be in an amulet and worn.

On the day of the Rohini Nakshatra, donate the milk of a black cow and seven cereals. Use the twigs of Apamarga " for the homa mixed with sesame seeds and ghee and recite the following mantra hundred and eight times.

Brahmajgyanam pratham purastadwisimtah suruchovvenaava sabudhanya upma asya vishthaha satschchayonimsataschcatvivaha brahamane namah ||



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