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25 Lakshmi Mantras


25 Most Powerful Mahalakshmi Mantras for Wealth , Health and Prosperity

  1. Ekakshra Mantra                                                   Shreem ||
  2. Samrajya Lakshmi Mantra                                     Sahakleem Hum ||
  3. Tryaksher shree mantra                                        Shreem Kleem Shreem ||
  4. Tryaksher Samrajye laksmi mantra                       Shreem Sahakleem shreem ||
  5. Chaturaksher lakshmibeejatmko mantra               Aing shreem hreem kleem ||
  6. Chaturaksher lakshmi mantra                               Aing Hreem shreem kleem ||
  7. Panchakshri shree mantra                                    Shreem kleem shreem namaha ||
  8. Saptakshri rama mantra         -                              Namah Bhramhatanye ||
  9. Navashra sidhilaksmi mantra  -   Om hreem hum hoom haam greem kshoom kroom namaha ||
  10. Dashaksher laksmi mantra     -   Namah kamvasineye swaha ||
  11. Dashaksher shree Lakshmi mantra   -   Om Kleem shreem shreem lakshmideviyee namah ||
  12. Ekadashshaksher sidhlaksmi mantra  -  Om Shreem hreem kleem shreem sidhlakshmiyee namaha ||
  13. Ekadashshaksher mahalaksmi mantra  -  Yoom Noom Moom Namah Aing shreyee shreem namah ||
  14. Dwadashaksher Mahalakshmi mantra  -   Aieng hreem shreem kleem soum jagatprasute namah ||
  15. Dwadashaksher Mahalakshmi mantra  -  Aieng hreem shreem kleem hasso jagatprasute namah ||
  16. Tryovinshatyaksher Mahalakshmi mantra  -  Om shreem hreem kleem shreem Lakshmi agach agach mam mandire tisht tisht swaha |
  17. Saptvinshatyaksher Mahalakshmi mantra -  Om shreem Hreem shreem kamle kamlalaye praseed praseed shreem hreem shreem mahalakshmeye namaha ||
  18. Jyeshthalakshmi Mahamantra -   Om Aieng hreem shreem jyesthalakshmi swayambhuve hreem jyesthatye namah ||
  19. Vasudha Lakshmi Mantra -  Om Gloom shreem annm mahaannm me dehannadhipatye mamatrm pradpay swaha shreem gloom om ||
  20. Adhya mahalakshmi mantra   -  Om shreem hreem aing mahalakshmyee kamaldharine singhvahini swaha ||
  21. Lakshmi gayatri mantra -   Om mahadevyo cha vidhye vishnupatniye cha dhimahi |
                                                                                           Tanno Lakshmi prachodayat ||
  22. Kirtilakshmi Mantra  -  Om hreem kreem tryee namah sadoditanand vigrahe hreem kreem swaha ||
  23. Jayalakshmi Mantra -  Om hreem jayaye namha  ajetadhamavasthitheye hreem jreem  swaha ||
  24. Mayalakshmi Mantra - Om hreem mayayee namah mohlakshavastithye shreem mreem hreem swaha ||
  25. Jyestha Lakshmi gayatri mantra - Om rakt jyesthayee vidhye, neel jyesthayee dhimahi, tanno Lakshmi prachodayat ||


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