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Identification and Remedies for Curse of snake from Previous Birth


Curse of the Snake (Rahu)

As per sage Parashar under any of the following eight cases a native will be child less due to curse of the snakes-

a)    If Rahu is placed in 5th house and is aspected by Mars or this combination is formed in Aries or Scorpio.
b)    If 5th Lord conjoins Rahu and Saturn in 5th house is conjunct or aspected by Moon.
c)    If Jupiter conjoins Rahu, 5th Lord is weak or Lagna Lord is conjunct with Mars.
d)    Jupiter and Mars are conjunct, Rahu is in ascendant and 5th Lord is in a Trika house.
e)    5th Lord Mercury is in Navamsha of and conjunct with Mars and Lagna has Rahu and Mars.
f)    5th house is a sign of Mars and Mars is conjunct with Rahu and is also conjunct or aspected by Mercury.
g)    5th house contains Sun, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and 5th Lords and Lagnesh are weak.
h)    Lagnesh or Jupiter (the significator) is conjunct with Rahu and 5th Lord is conjunct with Mars.

Remedies to remove curse of snake - Propitiatory Measures

a)     An idol of Naga Raja (Serpent king) is made in gold or silver and worshipped.
b)    Cow, land, seasum or gold be given in charity.
c)    One should also have full faith and worship Lord Shiva who is garlanded by serpents.
d)    Fasting Shravan Suk/a Panchmi (Naga Panchami) and worship of Naga with milk and feeding ants also help in child bearing.

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