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What are the benefits of One mukhi Rudraksha ?


1 mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Shiva , Its ruling planet is Sun . It is recommended when Sun is weak in horoscope or is aspected by malefics in chart. It strengthen plant Sun. This is the bead to be worn by "Shaivite" (Section that worship Lord Shiva)  as it symbolize Shiva. As per our ancient texts , it should not be peirced for wearing , can be worn in Gold , Silver or Thread . It can be placed in puja ghar of home or office.

People generally ask us

Can women wear one mukhi rudraksha?
Can it be worn with other beads?
Do unenergized ek mukhi give positive effect?
What is the life of Rudraksha Beads

It can be worn by all, whether men, women, children or of any caste or religion. Our religious text suggest that any number or combination of Rudraksha Beads can be worn but it is very important to wear energzied rudraksha beads. It is very important to channelize the energies to give you maximum positive result. Therefore it is very important to buy rudraksha from the source know for selling energzied and authentic products. If you oil the beads regularly , they can stay for ever. 

Benefits of One mukhi Rudraksha:-

1. It improves Self Confidence.
2. It strengthen planet Sun in Horoscope.
3. It attracts wealth and appease goddess lakshmi.
4. Lord Shiva blessings are always showered on the wearer.
5. All students shall wear it for memory and confidence in education.

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