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Dream of wearing , buying , showing apparels - Significance


To dream that your apparel is proper, and suited to the season of the year, denotes prosperity and happiness, or that your apparel is made of linen and fine wool, if in the summer, is good; but in the winter it is better to dream your apparel is new, and made of strong cloth.

To dream of white apparel, signifies trouble; to mechanics it signifies want of business; to the sick, white apparel denotes death; but that which is black, their recovery. To be apparelled in a garment of divers' colours, or of scarlet, is good for priests and players; but to others it denotes dangers, troubles, and a discovery of such things as ought to be concealed. And unto the sick, the dreaming of their being so apparelled shows that they shall be much troubled with a redundancy of humours.

For rich men and servants to be arrayed in scarlet robes, is a signification of honour, dignity and liberty. But such a dream brings death to the sick and an increase of poverty to the poor, and to many, captivity. To be apparelled n a robe dyed in scarlet, signifies hurts to some, and agues to others.

As to women's apparel: to dream of a woman's gown it is good only to single persons and such as come to act their parts upon stages; for married men after such dreams have lost their wives, or fallen into great sickness, because those who wear garments are effeminate persons. Notwithstanding which to dream of gowns of divers colours or of women's gowns is not at all bad when you dream likewise, that is upon the account of great rejoice.

To dream you are apparelled in a gown of the fashion of some strange nation shows such a one good luck among strangers if they design to go among them. To dream of having a delicate and sumptuous gown is good both to rich and poor; for to the first their present prosperity shall continue and to the other their goods shast increase. Gowns that are torn show hurt and hindrance affairs.


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