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Auspicous and Inauspicious Omens of Crows


Omens of crow

a)    Again if in the last part of the day if you see a crow coming from South east direction, you will surely gain money till morning.

b)    At the time of the near future out of commencement of a journey if a crow appears from East direction it indicates gain in the journey.

c)    Crowing of crow from behind when starting for journey is not good.

d)    If a crow appear during night denotes death.

e)    If a crow crows in your house, you should be ready to receive a guest.

f)    If a crow is sighted in the early or first part of the day flying from north-east direction, then you will receive some important and very
auspicious message.

g)    If a crow sits on the dead of anybody, the man becomes lazy and is a sign of bad luck. If crow sits on the head of a girl or lady denotes the death of her lover, paramour or husband etc.

h)    If a man while leaving the house sees that crow is sitting over a pig denotes some legal trouble leading to imprisonment. If crow sits on an ass or camel it is auspicious.

i)    If crow brings meat, bone, ash etc., and puts it on the cot indicates the death or a calamity for the person who sleeps on the cot.

j) If crows make a noise on the house roof top is termed as inauspicious. And in case crows are inside the house it gives the warning of a serious trouble to the owner of the house.

k) If in the last part of the day you see a crow coming from South East direction indicates early disaster like quarrel, murder etc.

I) If numbers of crows assemble at one corner of city or village and make and make a loud noise denotes that some calamity will befall on the city etc. The head of that place may face difficulty or even death.

m) If the crows sit in a circle forebodes loss through enemy.

n) In case a crow crows from left side of the person starting for journey and flies along with is always auspicious. But if appears from opposite direction indicates some hindrances.

o) In case two crows feed each other, the person proceeding on journeys will remain comfortable.



Sunil Sobtii

Sunil Sobtii is a renowned astrologer with indepth knowledge about indian astrology and providing Astro remedies since last 16 years.

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