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Omens to obeserved for Journey


    Omens to be observed at the time of journey

a)    Appearance of horse or any white coloured articles from North direction including a sadhu are always auspicious while proceeding on a journey.

b)    At the time of journey if somebody says that lunch etc., is ready do take it for success. Meeting or widow or pregnant lady is not good.

c)    At the time of journey if you see a snake it is not good omen.

d)    If a cat crosses from the front of a man while leaving for any work indicates hindrance or fruitless results in the work.

e)    If a man, animal or bird cuts your way from right hand, it is a bad omen.

f)    If a marriage part on its way confronts a dead body it is a bad omen for the bride or if it confronts on its way back, it is bad for the

g)    If a person while leaving a house confronts another one carrying empty vessel indicates non-fulfilment of object for which the person is going.

h)    If any part of your cloths is trapped, it denotes loss.

i)    If at the commencement or during a journey one meets a serpent indicates facing with enemy, If it is found on left side, it is bad whereas on the right it is termed a good presage. But if you find a Ass on left side, it is good.

j)    If at the time of journey, one sneezes denotes obstacles in the work.

k)    If some one see a monkey or a bear then it is considered auspicious but to talk about them is not good, whereas talk about rabbit, snake etc. is good while starting for a journey.

l)    If wind is blowing from front to back or from left to right is not bad. On the other hand blowing of wind from back to front or from right to left is a bad omen.

m)    If you meet anybody with flowers or somebody follows you with a pitcher, indicates success.

n)    If your feet stumble, hindrance in work is indicated.

o)    It at the time of start of journey one is hit by a weapon, feet stumbles, or hit by an obstruction or stone etc., denotes failure and the journey be postponed.




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