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Wear Ruby Birthstone to make the Planet Sun favourable in your Horoscope.


Who should wear a Ruby and How?

Ruby is the gemstone for Sun. If in the birth chart Sun is Lord of an auspicious house (1,5,9 or 10th) as in the case of Aries, Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius Lagna or is a friend of Lagna Lord and placed in own or in exaltation sign as can be in case of Cancer or Pisces Lagna, it will be useful for the native to wear Ruby. It should also be worn if an auspicious Sun is afflicted or not well placed in the birth chart. We should avoid its wearing if Sun is lord of a Trika house or majority of natural benefic are combust, afflicted or are in opposition to Sun.

Sun is a powerful Karaka of ruling power, high posts, father, soul and profession etc. Therefore those holding or aspiring to hold high political and beurocratic posts; owners, managers or directors of big business, official or businessman connected with power & energy power, weapons, science & Technology, timber & wool, medicine, engineering, Judges, jewelry, chemical goods and natives in ancestral business should wear Ruby. Native suffering from ailments of heart, brain or eyes should also wear Ruby.

The Ruby to be worn should be at least three carats (600 mg) in weight and should not have the inauspicious flaws mentioned earlier. It should be got set in ring or pendent of gold or preferably in gold mixed with copper in third (Ring) finger. It should be in the first hour/ hora of Sunday, after Sunrise or at mid-day when Sun is Digbali in the bright half of Lunar month after due energizing process (to be discussed later). It can also be worn during Sun's hora on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Ruby is a very expensive gem. Native who cannot afford to purchase a Ruby can use one of its substitutes like Red spinel, Garnet, Rubelite or Sun Stone. However the substitute should at least be six carats in weight.

However it should be noted that Ruby or its substitutes should never be worn with Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Gomedha, Cat's Eye or their substitute. It should also not be worn if native is suffering from high fever, bleeding, hypertension or infective diseases. Ruby being a hot gem should not be worn by ladies and by men during summer/ hot weather.





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