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Childlessness - Astrological Causes


There are many well-known causes for childlessness, which are of two types, either children are not born, or if born, they die as a result of the evil karmas of past life or lives. The time tested combinations given in the world's greatest astrological classic ever, the Brihad Parashara Hora Shastra are being given here in a tabular form for convenience.

Factors to be examined

Four Factors should be examined deeply to arrive at a definite conclusion:

(a)    The Lagna lord should not be weak;

(b)    The fifth lord should not be weak;

(c)    The seventh lord should not be weak;

(d)    Jupiter, the natural significator of children, should/not be weak.

Note: Any one of these factors, even if not weak, but if heavily afflicted, does become a cause for unhappiness from children.

If all the four factors are weak, perhaps nothing-can be done. It has been observed that if any of these four factors is combust, it does affect a child.

Causes for Childlessness

Prashara gives specific causes for childlessness and also prescribes remedies, which are as follows:

The Curse of Snakes
1. If Rahu is in the fifth house aspected by Mars, there is loss of children.

2. If the fifth lord with Rahu and Saturn is in the fifth house and is aspected by or conjoined with the Moon, or

3. If the significator of children, (Jupiter) is with Rahu the fifth lord is weak and the Lagna lord and Mars are conjunct, there will be loss of children as a result of the curse of snakes.

People, particularly the modern man, finds it difficult to believe in the curses of snakes. Yet an astrologer can see how effectively those combinations work in the death of children.

Combinations for Mishaps to Children

4. If Jupiter is with Mars, the lagna lord is with Rahu; and the fifth lord is ill placed (In sixth, eighth or twelfth house).

5. If the fifth lord falls in the Navamsha of Mars (Aries or Scorpio) or Mercury (Gemini or Virgo) and the Lagna has Rahu and Gulika.

6. If the fifth house is Aries (for Sagittarius) or Scorpio (Cancer Lagna) and if the fifth lord is with Rahu and is conjoined with or is aspected by Mercury.

7. If the fifth house has Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter and the lagna and the fifth lords are weak.

8. If the Lagna lord is with Rahu; the fifth lord is with Mars and Jupiter too is with Rahu;

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