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Effect of Rahu in 12 Houses


Rahu gives the following effects depending upon its placement in the 12 houses of a birth chart.

In the first house
Rahu bestows the native with good personality and strong physique. It makes him obstinate and crazy. In the airy signs, it gives better results than in earth or fiery signs.

In the second house
It causes interruptions in academic career. It also causes denial of assistance and help from (Government agencies). It may also cause eye and dental ailments.

In the third house
Rahu strains relations with younger brothers and sisters, bestows the native with sharp intellect, ready wit and long life.

In the fourth house
It causes setbacks and obstacles in the academic career but motivates the native to acquire a high proficiency in foreign languages. It causes strains in his mother's health, and wellbeing, plural marriage and benefits through foreigners, foreign countries, and foreign lands. It also adversely affects the native's health in childhood.

In the fifth house
t delays the first issue, causes some problems pertaining to pregnancies, enhances the possibility of the native getting a twin and causes distractions and losses due to games of chance, speculation, horse-racing and gambling.

In the sixth house
It will display aggressiveness in dealing with his numerous adversaries. He will be tough and rough in these matters. He may have many opponents. He may be prone to dumbness. He should be cautious not only of his adversaries but also the so-called friends and hidden inimical forces.

In the seventh house
Rahu causes delay in marriage and strains in marital life, it could lead to marital discords and also plural marriage. It is recommended with regard to matters pertaining to spouse or family, to ascertain its influence with a view to keep tensions under check.

In the eighth house
Rahu leads to higher expenditure: higher liabilities. The longevity factor comes under adverse stars; possible loss of life partner: interest in religion, philosophy and spiritualism. It could also cause prolonged illness.

In the ninth house
Rahu may cause delays and difficulties in getting inheritance: instability in professional career, many changes in jobs: possible loss of children: higher attainments foi some but after bitter struggle and sustained efforts. It makes him popular but involves him in litigation.

In the tenth house
Rahu leads to high position in a short span of time, immense earnings and wealth: political connections and a rise in politics, honors and awards. It brings beneficial changes and improvements after 48 years.

In the eleventh house
Rahu causes immense riches gains through the opposite sex; association with persons of doubtful integrity; ill health.

In the twelfth house
Rahu may lead to possible loss of a limb; losses and higher expenditure; gains through foreign connections.

About Rahu in Astrology


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