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Effect of Ketu in 12 houses of Horoscope


Ketu has the following effects depending upon its placement in different houses of the natal chart.

In the first house
Ketu blesses the native with a pleasing personality, regular manners and easy acceptability in social circles.

In the second house
Ketu adversely affects the educational prospects of the native. It causes delay in marriage.

Ketu in the third house

denies younger brothers, but bestows — intellectual capabilities. It also favours religious bent of mind.

In the fourth house

Ketu causes struggle in early part of life, many changes of residence, problems/irritants with motor vehicles, idle gossip etc. It also affects the health of his mother.

In the fifth house
Ketu leads to deficient progeny, pilgrimage, devoid of children, non-enjoyment of the parental property, plural marriage etc.

In the sixth house

Ketu may lead to destruction/annihilation of all enemies.

When Ketu is placed in the seventh house
the natives are strongly advised to marry late, otherwise marital discord is very likely.

In the eighth house
Ketu may cause dangers in life and also affect the longevity of the person. It could also cause mental disorders.

In the ninth house
Ketu leads to misunderstanding with the father, but enhances spiritual interests.

In the tenth house

Ketu stimulates in the natives' spiritual interests, makes them scholars, philosophers, but may tend to cause separation from parents.

In the eleventh house
Ketu may make the native a scholar, philosopher. He will have less help and gain from the elder brother, sister and business partners, but it is conducive to accrual of wealth, stimulation and development of intellectual talents. The natives are prone to deafness.

In the twelfth house

Ketu indicates long overseas journeys and the possibility of settlement abroad.


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