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Love marriage is a mutual agreement and brings in the type, of husband one chooses.  9th house stands for Love marriage, 5th house indicates love and affec­tion; 7th house the marital life, conjugal bliss etc.; 12th house denotes pleasures of beds, indebtedness, extrava­gant expenditure, handling of finances or savings during life time.

For females 5th, 9th , 7th and 12th houses are to be checked along with karka planet Mars. If in a female's horoscope Mars is joined or aspected by Rahu or Saturn, she becomes expert in flirtation and whether she will marry such person which depends on the disposition of Venus, Rahu, and Saturn in the male horoscope. 5th house and its lord play an important part in Love making when they make a relation with 7th house or its lord or with marriage indicating house or planet and are not connected with evil houses or evil lords, they generally result in love marriage.

When Mars is aspected by Saturn or Rahu in a female's chart, she comes into contact with opposite sex and makes love with him. When 5th house or its lord has a connection, •the love is only for sexual urge. When 7th house or Its lord is conjoined with Saturn or is aspected by Saturn, one has a chance to be married to a person previously known to her. Also when Mars and 7th lord are aspected by or conjoined with Saturn, same results as above. Rahu's influence over Mars by conjunction or aspects makes a number of love affairs without any marriage and gives bad name unless guarded by Jupiter.

When 7th house, 7th lord or Mars has some link with 2nd house or its lord, the marriage will be within relations or when 7th lord is in 2nd house also. When 7th house lord from Moon joins the combinations, the hus­band will be her mother's younger brother or cousin or relation ruled by the house where the planets have conjoined.

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