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A love marriage can be successful in the following configurations when available in the charts of both sexes.

If Mars and Venus have exchanged their relative posi­tions in the horoscope of couple, love marriage will be a great success. If Sun in one chart has same longitude as Moon or the rising sign in other horoscope, it is conducive to a good attraction.

The longitudes of Sun in male and Moon in female charts are same, mutual attraction and congeniality is the result. If Sun in female and Mars in Male charts have same longitudes, a good attraction will be there. If Moon in one chart has same longitude as the rising sign or Sun in other horoscope, it is conducive to harmony.

Sun in one to Sun in other in good aspect indicates good harmony. Moon in one in good aspect or conjunction with Lagna or Sun in other chart exercises good influence. Sun in one in good aspect to ascendant or Moon in the other is good sign.

Moon in one in good aspects to Moon in other is a happy disposition, Sun and Venus having same longitude in each other charts show much pleasure and enjoyments. Also Moon and Venus have the same effects.

Mars and Venus having same longitudes in each other horoscopes leads to mutual attraction though it may not be endured. Jupiter Venus, Jupiter Saturn having same longitude indi­cate harmony. Mars and Saturn in the above position leads to quarrels.

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