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Ayurvedic Remedies with Almonds to treat common diseases.


Ayurvedic Remedies with Almond (Badam)

also known as  

Latin      Prunus dulcis

English    Almond

Sanskrit    Vatadah

Hindi         Badam

Marathi      Badam

Tamil        Vatamkottai

Telugu     Badam vittulu

Malayalam   Badamkotta

Kannada      Badami


How it looks — It is a middle sized tree with simple greyish leaves (when Mature) and white-tinged red, showy flowers. The fruits are velvetty drupes, separating into 2 halves, exposing stones which contain the kernel called almond.

What we use — Kernel, oil

What it does — Kernel—Sweet thermogenic, aphrodisiac, laxative, diuretic, nutritious, demulcent and nervine tonic.

Oil — Sweet, cooling, antispasmodic, sedative, laxative, rejuvenating.

How we use it in Ayurvedic remedy—-

In delayed puberty—Crush a few almonds, along with egg yolk, gingelly powder and a tsp of honey in milk and give it to the girl with delayed onset of puberty, every day. This ensures good overall development during adolescence.

In pregnancy—-Almonds being highly nutritive are an ideal source of energy for pregnant women. For best results, soak almonds in milk, add a pinch of saffron and drink the tasty preparation everyday for nourishment both to the mother and the to-be child.

To increase vitality—Almonds in milk also increase libido and enhance general sexual performance in cases of frigidity too.

As a brain tonic—Almond is popular for its property as a nervine tonic. Rich in nourishment and essential fats, almonds serve to enhance memory and intelligence. Soak 4-6 almonds in water and eat after removing the kernel.

As a body coolant—Badam kheer is a well known preparation made by grinding almonds and mixing in milk. This cools the body apart from relieving brain exhaustion and improving functioning.


John miller

He is an eminent writer and Practitioner of Ayurveda , actively promoting the cause of Ayurveda for over two decades in U.S.A.

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