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Guru Mantras - Mantras for successful Life


Guru Mantras

Every Parampara has it own Guru mantra and any mantra communicated secretly and verbally by a Guru becomes a Guru-mantra for the person to whom it is communicated. In vedic system and in our culture the place of Guru is even higher than God. It is symbolised as:

A person who worship his Guru, immediately on getting up and before steeping out of bed daily followed by worship of five deities Ganesh, Surya Vishnu Shakti and Shiva (preferably in that order) shall have a smooth and happy life.

Guru Beej Akshara - (OM)

This is naisargika Tarak Mantra and is also called Tara Beej. It is prescribed for all worshippers of Guru and in Guru Granth Sahib (Ek-Omkar) & in Dakshinamurti strota etc.

Guru Vandana

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu Gurudevo Maheshwara
Gurur aivam parambramha tasme shree gurve namaha

Padda Sparsh. To touch anybody or any object with one's feet is considered a sin. We should ask for giveness of the Earth personified ad Divine mother on whose head we put our feet as under.

Sri krishna the Jagadguru, Mantras

i)       Trayodasaksharid

Hreem Shreem Kleem Krishnaye Jagganathaye Namah:

ii)       Jagad guru Mantra (Anusthup chhand)

Om vasudev sutam devam kans chadnoormardanam
Devki parmanandam krishnam vande jagadgurum !

iii)      Yogeshwar (Badsinatha Veshaj Mantra)

Om krishnaye yadavendraye gyanmudraye yoginye !
Nathaye rukmanishaye namo vedantvedinye !!

iv )     Dattatreya Dasakshari Mantra.

Om hreem kleem dattatreyaye namah :



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