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Indications of Weak Jupiter in the Horoscope


Indications of weakness Jupiter in Horoscope

When Jupiter is low, one suffers form lack of joy and enthusiasm, weak will and lack of faith. There will be pessimism, depression, anxiety, melancholy and self-pity. One may lack compassion and become a dictator or extremist, often one may have material and financial difficulties; children may be denied or may suffer. Physically there will be vitality, weak immune function, low fat or body weight along with poor liver and pancreas function. Often there will be chronic disease and poor functioning of the nerves and glands.

Astrological Factors of Weak Jupiter

Jupiter is significator of wealth, children, husband, grace of God and that of government and all material gains. It rules over liver, tumors, fat and circulation of blood in arteries. Jupiter is weak when:

i)       In its Debility (Capricorn)

ii)       Aspected by malefic

iii)      Placed in difficult Trika houses

iv)      As Kendra Lord placed in a Kendra in other than its own sign.

v)      Combust, retrograde or lost in planetary war.

He represents NE direction and is generally benefic for Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces Lagna. Here its positive qualities of joy, creativity and intelligence can be further strengthened. Jupiter in his own Nakshtra or in Nakshtra of Moon/Mercury gives good health; in Nakshtra of Sun loss of appetite, infective fevers and biliousness result; in Nakshtra of Mars colicky pain and gall bladder problems arises; in Nakshtra of Venus giddiness, sexual weakness and problem of kidney, bladder, liver and pancreas arises; in Nakshtra of Saturn it gives chronic diseases; in Rahu's Nakshtra, dysentery, abdominal colic, ulcers and anorexia arises; in Nakshtra of Ketu liver abscess and infective hepatitis are produced.

Psychological Indicator of Weak Jupiter

The main issue of Jupiter is aligning us with flow of Divine grace, the inner good and not outer social good. It projects spiritual creativity not just material creativity that furthers outer power and structure. It requires optimism based on the knowledge of eternal.


The presiding deity for Jupiter is Indra. It is also related to the guru.


Beej Mantra :

"Om graam greem groom sah gurve namaha "

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