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DOs for Shareholders

Hold your shares electronic mode
Open a demat account and get your shares dematerialized. Holding shares in demat account helps investors to get immediate transfer of shares. No stamp duty is payable on transfer of shares in demat form and risks involved with physical certificates such as loss/misplacement of share certificates, forged transfer, fake certificates and bad deliveries are avoided. Getting your physical holdings dematerialized and trading thereafter is very simple. Procedure and benefits are given in the later part of this Referencer.

Always keep your address and Bank details updated in the records of the company. 
A detailed questionnaire is given in the later part of this Referencer

Receive Dividend and other Corporate Benefits Electronically
Opt for NECS facility by providing you CBS bank account details to the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent of the company, in case you hold shares in physical form. If you hold shares in electronic / dematerialized mode, get you CBS account details registered with your Depository Participant. This simple effort will save your time in presenting physical instruments to your bankers. Benefits and procedure in this regard is given separately.

Consolidate your folios to take benefit of one stop tracking of all corporate benefits on the shares. It will reduce time and efforts required to monitor multiple folios.

Register for E-Communication Facility
Receive all the paper information like annual accounts, notice of AGM etc. by simply registering your e-mail ID with the company. Simple procedure in this regard is given separately in this referencer. Let us go green together.

Deal with Registered Intermediaries
You should transact through a registered intermediary who is subject to regulatory discipline of SEBI, as it will be responsible for its activities, and in case intermediary does not act professionally, investors can take up the matter with SEBI / Stock Exchanges.

Monitor your holdings regularly
Demat account should not be kept dormant for long. Periodic statement of holdings should be obtained from the concerned DP and holdings verified. Where the investor is likely to be away for a long period of time and where the shares are held in electronic form, the investor can make a request to the DP to keep the account frozen so that there can be no debit to the account till the instruction for freezing the account is countermanded by the investor.

Transfer securities before Book Closure / Record date
The corporate benefits on the securities lying in the clearing account of the brokers cannot be made available to the members directly by the Company. In case an investor has bought any securities he must ensure that the securities are transferred to his demat account before the book closure / record date.

Register for SMS alert facility
Investors should register their mobile numbers with DPs for SMS alert facility. National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited proactively inform investors of transaction in the demat account by sending SMS. Investors will be informed about debits and credits to their demat account without having to call-up their DPs and investors need not wait for receiving Transaction Statements from DPs to know about the debits and credits.

Prefer Registered Post or Courier as mode of postage.
We recommend you to send your Share certificates and dividend warrants/ cheques etc carrying higher value by registered post or by courier.

Know your Registrar to Issue and Share Transfer Agent (R & ST Agent)
Company has appointed M/s MCS Ltd as its Registrar to Issue and Share Transfer Agent. You can contact them by calling at 011-41406149 / 41406151 / 41406152 or at fax at 011-41709881 or by email at

Their Address is F-65, First floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi – 110 020.

You can contact your Company Secretary 
·          By dialing Phone no. 011-23325759/23325779
·          By email
·          By Fax at 011-23325751 / 23325763

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